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An overview over the versions used in Citi-Sense-MOB

This page presents all Feedback/Change Requests sorted after the software version

v4.0 Deferred

v2.0 Social Interaction with gradient

  • perception with gradient
  • sensor data with gradient

v1.5 Heat map, Pollen allergi - summer

  • Pollen map (Summary Pollen is only provided between March and September. Not sure what function return shows up when asking the server Seraj, for mobile application testing, an sample of old data has been sent by Tore, and it will be used to test mobile pollen service locally (reaching the data locally), and leave the real remote test to the pollen season time., - Open, Question)

v1.1 tracking of sensor (release date: 15May2015)

  • add GeoTech sensors (Sensors will be shipped: 6March2015 - no plans from Snowflakes to update)
  • if no timeline from Snowflakes is in place by 10. April, then Seraj and Nicolai will implement
  • Heat Map (Summary The heat map, though it should have been implemented, is not yet existing. Waiting for NILU to provide the link., - New)

v1.0 Operational App - release: (confirmed by Serhat)

  • add mobile sensors (PSP, GeoTech, Dunavnet, ADN)
    • Dunavnet is uploading (Mirjam to check if data are on the correct server - Implementation of colour code of AQI is in place)
    • PSP sensors (Mirjam to check if data are on the correct server - Implementation of colour code of AQI is in place)
    • ADN (Seraj and Nicolai to generate a script to upload to WFS - Mirjam to check colour code)
    • GeoTech sensors delayed to v1.1
  • last reading from every mobile sensor

v0.9 Bug removal (beta version) demonstration at UNIK - release: 16Feb2015

This version is called the beta version, and includes

  • tracks
  • air quality station
  • perception
  • Status 10Feb2015:
    • (a) GPS location has error,
    • (b) storage needs to be extended, need to be sent to new server IP


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 VersionSeverityStatusDue date
Pollen mapv1.54-enhancementOpen
Heat Mapv1.14-enhancementNew
Saved tracks correspondence colorv1.03-normalSolved&Documented