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Ka Band Propagation
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EuCAP 2015 -

The ESA Ka-band propagation project invites to the CS24 session of

EuCAP 2015

9th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

in Lisbon, Portugal, on 12-17 April 2015

CS24 High North Propagation

Wednesday 15Apr2015, 16:50-18:30 h
Session chairs: Lars Erling Bråten (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway) and Terje Tjelta (Telenor, Norway)
16:50 Experimental Campaign with First Results for Determining High North 20 GHz Satellite Links Propagation Conditions
Terje Tjelta (Telenor, Norway); Martin Rytir (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway); Per Arne Grotthing (Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, Norway); Josef Noll (UNIK, Norway); Jan Erik Håkegård (SINTEF, Norway); Trond Henning Johansen (Norwegian Defence Logistic Organization, Norway); Michal Ciecko (Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, Norway); Michael Cheffena (Gjøvik University College, Norway); Jostein Sander and Terje Mikal Mjelde (FFI, Norway)
17:10 One Year of 20 GHz Satellite Measurement Data From a Nordic Maritime Environment
Lars Erling Bråten and Martin Rytir (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway)
17:30 Clear-Air Scintillation and Multipath for Low-Elevation High-Latitude Satellite Communication Links
Martin Rytir (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway)
17:50 Characterization of Tropospheric Propagation in Polar Areas for the Design of Earth Observation Satellites Ka Band Data Downlink
Nicolas Jeannin and Laurent Castanet (ONERA, France)
18:10 Results From Three Years of Ka-band Propagation Characterization At Svalbard, Norway
James Nessel (NASA, USA); Michael Zemba and Jacquelynne Morse (NASA Glenn Research Center, USA)