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This page lists thesis work at the Department of Technology Systems (ITS) at the University of Oslo (UiO)

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Novel Services through Consumption Monitoring12 October 2016 14:55:08Josef Noll
György Kálmán
Analysis and Standards for the Information-Internet5 September 2016 15:03:59Josef Noll
Iñaki Garitano
Analysis of Proxy services for an Information-Internet5 September 2016 14:31:30Josef Noll
Iñaki Garitano
Jan Standal
Evaluation of the Component`s Interconnection Impact on the System Security18 August 2016 14:26:54Josef Noll
Seraj Fayyad
Elaborating and implementing http2 standards for server-side compression25 May 2016 08:40:51Josef Noll
Iñaki Garitano
Smart Meter Security Analysis18 April 2016 09:07:46György Kálmán
Josef Noll
Building an Attack Simulator on the Electric Grid Infrastructure13 April 2016 12:22:56György Kálmán
Josef Noll
The human aspect in Smart grids (from Security and Privacy point of view)22 January 2016 11:25:27Josef Noll
Christian Johansen
Semantic Modeling of a Smart Home Infrastructure7 January 2016 10:58:05Josef Noll
Christian Johansen
Policies for Software Defined Networks28 January 2015 06:55:28Mariann Hauge
Lars Landmark
Measurable Security for NFC17 December 2014 08:57:04Josef Noll
Security Analysis of the Basic Internet25 November 2014 09:56:29Iñaki Garitano
Josef Noll
Risk Assessment tool analysis for Industrial Automation and Control Systems23 April 2014 08:44:22Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman Chowdhury
Judith Rossebø
Josef Noll
Prosumers for the future smart electricity grid17 January 2014 13:18:58Josef Noll
Evaluation and Improvement of technologies for CCTV23 April 2013 14:53:54Knut Øvsthus
Reconfigurable secure reporting system20 October 2012 21:07:41Josef Noll
Sensor Integration into Heterogenous Service Platform20 October 2012 20:56:59Josef Noll
Sarfraz Alam
Context aware systems27 September 2012 09:21:57Josef Noll
Zahid Iqbal
Novel network infrastructure for emerging economies27 August 2012 11:36:11Josef Noll
Guy Kamanda
Novel network infrastructure based on small cells27 August 2012 11:34:43Josef Noll
Trust and transitive trust measures4 July 2012 13:01:32Josef Noll
Zahid Iqbal
Performance evaluation of customized opensource SSL/TLS solutions in resource constrained environment4 May 2012 17:53:30Judith Rossebø
Network of Things for Medical Care23 April 2012 23:28:41Habtamu Abie
Wolfgang Leister
Rune Fensli
Josef Noll
Smart metering home applications16 March 2012 12:41:37Josef Noll
Helge Godø

More details are available at OpenThesis

Multi Metrics Based FrameworkRaul Khaydarshin13 June 2017Josef Noll
Seraj Fayyad
Pervasive computing in smart electricity gridKaniz Fatema Tuly15 September 2016Christian Johansen
Josef Noll
Trond Aalberg
Ant Colonization Optimisation Algorithm for knowledge-based LearningRobin Garen Aaberg1 August 2016Josef Noll
Kristin Ran Choi Hinna
Robot-assisted therapy for rehabilitation treatmentBjørn Olufsen
Tormod Vaular
10 June 2016Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Software defined networking using OpenFlowJoachim Tingvold3 June 2016Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Evaluation of the usability of low-cost sensors for public air quality informationRozina Dongol1 December 2015Josef Noll
Nuria Castell Balaguer
Air quality recommender system for commutingEivind Engesæter1 August 2015Josef Noll
Nuria Castell Balaguer
Software Defined Networking for tactical communicationsGeir Roar Bakken2 May 2015Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Self Organizing Networks (SON)Animut D. Tsegaye12 January 2015Olav Østerbø
Josef Noll
Ole Grøndalen
Simulering Av WirelessHart i OMNeT++Espen Nilsen31 May 2014Knut Øvsthus
Pål Orten
Josef Noll
Efficient SOAP messaging for AndroidDag Ove Eggum2 May 2014Frank T. Johnsen
Trude Hafsøe Bloebaum
Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Study and analysis of robust transport layer protocolsThomas Aasebø1 May 2014Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Smartphone supported Activity Level EstimationSerhat Sama1 February 2014Josef Noll
Zahid Iqbal
Dafferianto Trinugroho
Simulation of subsea communication networksHåvard Austad5 January 2014Roald Otnes
Josef Noll
A Semantic Approach for context-aware Authorization in Enterprise SystemsHans Martin Sydskogen Folkeseth12 May 2013Josef Noll
Zahid Iqbal
Video over thin and varying pipesMagnus Lervåg1 May 2013Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
End-to-end QoS in a mobile ad-hoc network including satellite linksEspen Flydahl30 May 2012Mariann Hauge
Josef Noll
Sensor Networks for Industrial applicationsBjørn Marthinsen30 May 2012Pål Orten
Efficient data collection using Android ADK in a high velocity mobile environmentGard.Sandholt15 May 2012Josef Noll
Implementing RPL in a mobile and fixed wireless sensor networkSimen Hammerseth30 November 2011Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Simulating LTE indoor coverage and capacity (2)Muhammad Bilal Ahmad20 June 2011Josef Noll
TV receiver registration to utilize unused frequenciesHemdan Bezabih31 May 2011Josef Noll
Torleiv Maseng
Simulating LTE indoor coverage and capacityAyaz Khan Afridi20 April 2011Josef Noll
Sensor integration into heterogeneous Service Platform and domain adaptionYen Pham20 December 2010Sarfraz Alam
Josef Noll
Energy consumption in wireless sensor networksShabnam Pirnia16 November 2010Josef Noll
Sarfraz Alam
Virtual Sensor IntegrationKaja Najumudeen Mohamed Sait25 August 2010Sarfraz Alam
Josef Noll
Evaluation of Protection/Restoration Methods for Ethernet Layer 2 NetworksEspen Steine3 May 2010Fredrik Davik
Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Assessment of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technologyThomas Fagerland Wiig3 May 2010Knut Øvsthus
Josef Noll
Multicast traffic management and performanceØystein Taskjelle3 May 2010Knut Øvsthus
Fredrik Davik
Performance analysis of upcoming standards for mobile communicationsArlindo Bengui Andre30 October 2009Josef Noll
Thomas Haslestad
Trusted Secure Service DesignThomas Carlyle15 June 2009Kjetil.Haslum
Josef Noll
Øivind Kure
Peter Sjödin

all keywords being used in thesis work

4G Access control Access Network Ad-hoc Adaptive systems ADK Air pollution Air quality Ambient environment Analysis of Data Structures on the Ethereum Blockchain/Current draft Android Attack Availability Basic Education BasicInternet:Basic Internet Big-O Big data Bitcoin Capacity Citi-Sense-MOB Confidentiality Continous Phase Modulation Cyber Security Decision making DVB-RCS Edge computing Education EHealth Embedded systems Emerging Economies Encryption Energy consumption Environment Ethernet Femtocell Femto Cells Fog computing GEOS GPS Health Care HetNets IMT-A Indoor Positioning Industrial Automation InfoInternet Information Security Integrity Interface Interference level and modelling Internet of Things IoT IPS IPSEC Liberty Alliance Light-weight semantics Linked open data Login LTE LTE Advanced MANET Microsoft Card Space MILCOM MMRP protocol Mobile Mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure Mobile integration Mobile Networks Mobile networks Mobile Security MSTP Multicast Network Networked embedded systems Network Security NFC OMNET Policies Privacy Propagation QoS Radio Reasoning Reliability RFID Risk analysis Robotics Routing Rules SATCOM Satellite SCADA Security Semantic Technologies Semantic Web Sensor Sensornett Sensor Networks Sensor Security Service platform Services Simulation Smart grid Smart home SOA SOAP Software defined network Spanning Tree Prototocl Sports SSO Throughput TLS Traffic engineering Traffic management Ultrasound UWB Web-services Wifi WiMAX Wireless HART Wireless Sensor Networks WSN ZigBee

Note: For a short thesis at UiO, the dates are:

  • Monday in week 4 with delivery in week 22 or
  • Monday in week 34 with delivery in week 51

, These are 17 resp. 18 uker!